Metropolis M on Encyclopedia of the Uncertain

Encyclopedia of the Uncertain, a meditation on doubt, The Eriskay Connection, Breda, NL

Subject/Object/Practice/Place conference, Valletta, MT


Zomersalon III, Kunsthal, Ghent, BE

Polyset, a.pass, Brussels, BE

Proloog 3, De Loods, Breda, NL

CA²RE Conference, Aarhus, D


Launch of artistic research Stimming a Space (FWO bursary) (PhD in the Arts)

Maybe. An Evening around Uncertainty at Syllabus platform, Kunsthal Ghent

Encyclopaedia of the Uncertain at The Green Corridor, Brussels

Encyclopaedia of the Uncertain at Ensemble vzw, Ghent

‘Het feit dat we dingen goed kunnen benoemen betekent niet dat we er meer over weten` – interview over the work period on witterook.nl (Dutch)

Residency @ Witte Rook, Breda, NL


index.hu on Layers of Reality/Valóságrétegek

Layers of Reality/Valóságrétegek, Paperlab, Mai Manó Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest, HU (Solo)

Dansstorm Dance Festival, Kortrijk, BE

Zomersalon II, Ghent, BE

Nouvelles Vagues, Biennale de la photographie en Condroz, Condroz, BE

Overview exhibition ‘Ruimte zoekt kunstenaar’, Ensemble vzw, Citadelpark Ghent, BE

Ondersporen @ Cultureel Centrum, Hasselt, BE

Encyclopaedia of the Uncertain in Revue No 0, FR

Let’s Change, Don’t Change, Begijnhof, Hasselt, BE


Humanities Ever After, VOXPOP, Amsterdam, NL

Steal Like An Artist!, kunstpodium T, Tilburg, NL

Zomersalon, Kunsthal Ghent, BE

CADAF Online Art Fair, New York, USA

Ithaka Art Festival, Leuven, BE


The Map is not our Territory/ Fusing Sequences, MA/Apprentice program, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg, NL

LUCA Showcase @ C-Mine Genk, BE

Nomination Dirk Lauwaert Price for Encyclopaedia of the Uncertain

Juryprice and Thesisprice  MA graduation LUCA School of Arts, 2019

Show, don’t tell, LUCA Graduation Show, Ghent, BE

Enjoy!, Platvvorm Deinze, BE

Into the Void Magazine, CA

Talking about Layers of Reality in the colour issue of BFR Magazine, Amsterdam, NL

Especially for you, my friend, In de ruimte, Ghent, BE

Unfolding #II, In de ruimte, Ghent, BE

Voor de kat zijn viool, Nucleo, Ghent, BE


Talking about Layers of Reality on the IASAS Iris, USA

Prikkels, Guislain Museum, Ghent, BE

De best verzorgde boeken 2017 @ Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL

Average Art Magazine, UK

Unfolding, Kolder, Ghent, BE

Out of the Studio #3, Santo, Ghent, BE

Metropolis M on Layers of Reality, NL

Layers of Reality selected as one of this year’s best edited books of The Netherlands, NL


Art on a postcard at Unit London, UK

“Layers of Reality” Perception Study of a Synaesthete, published by The Eriskay Connection, NL

Final exhibition Bachelors of Photography LUCA School of Art, Ghent, BE

Expanded Formats, published by LUCA Fotografie, BE

NEW 2017 Photography Talent @ Gallery 5&33, Amsterdam, NL


Noortje Haegens & Anna Püschel,  Chassé Galerie, Breda, NL

Witte Rook artist platform, NL

“Layers of Reality” at Electron, Breda, NL (Solo)

“Colours Of My Soul” at Stadsgalerij, Breda, NL (Solo)

Parksessies, Haarlem, NL

Bosch Open Expo, s´Hertogenbosch, NL

Exhibition in the Amphia Hospital, Breda, NL

Botanische Meesterwerken, Naturalis, Leiden, NL


Mest magazine “De beste afstudeerders van 2015” – “the best graduates of 2015”, NL

InScience, Dutch Science Film Festival, Nijmegen, NL

Chambres de Schie, Fotofestival Schiedam, Schiedam, NL

Eindexamenspecial NL/BE Metropolis M

Publication of final study project by Vers Pers

Nomination for Sint Joost penning, price for most innovative work of art at AKV St.Joost

Like and Share, Graduation Exhibition AKV St.Joost, Breda, NL


Thanatos spoke, Stadsgalerij Breda, NL

Weiner Melange, Tetterode, Amsterdam, NL

Tentoonstelling Fotoarchief Steenbergen, Steenbergen city center, Steenbergen, NL


Kijk, mijn familie, Stadsmuseum Breda, NL


2019                     MA of Fine Arts, summa cum laude, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, BE

2017                     BA of Fine Arts, cum laude, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, BE

2015                     BA Documentary Photography, AKV St.Joost, Breda, NL